Guilt is a Masculist Issue

Guilt is a Masculist Issue

This is the new theme on an issue I take very much to heart. “We need Masculism now”  was one of the conversations David (my soon-to-be-Editor) and I put on the agenda as I get my head into gear for the new book on Guilt and the Universal experience of that big, bad trip.

“Men are lost” and “Men have been emasculated” are two of my recurring mantras (well that’s what a mantra is, repetitive).

So the new page, Masculism, is up and ready and waiting on the Freedom To Flow Blog.  And, this morning for my thinking assignment, I’m revisiting the original principles of Feminism. I can hardly believe that an Economics graduate from the ’70’s, who did all the ‘right’ stuff like sit-ins and demos etc (me!) could have forgotten . . .  But then, as I pointed out to David last week after our weekly Zazen sit, I had forgotten being a victim of catholic guilt being so healed of that now.

I need to read my own book again (Daddy’s Girl’s Guilty as Hell )  and get in touch with a few of the inner selves. And I must remember that I love men. And I must also remember to tell you the story of the spin I got last week (a spin is a car-lift) and the conversation I had with the old feller and his  thoughts about  men in Ireland  . . .  next time.


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