An Expression of Healing – healing guilt comes with emotional healing

Guilt is a totally wasted emotion.  This is an excerpt from my book Daddy’s Girl’s Guilty as Hell:

For me guilt and all its residue and baggage serves very little positive purpose, save to show me when I need compassion for myself and when to move on.

Guilt gets in the way of grieving.

Guilt left me with losses for which I couldn’t grieve naturally, and it left me feeling lost – and lonely.

Guilt blocked me and limited my life.  The loneliness kept me closed off from a life that could have been so much more enjoyable and easier.  And for the loss of that sort of life for 40 years of my life, I think I truly need to grieve.  A person needs to do their own grieving in their own way, and for me that means giving myself quite a lot of space and time for sadness – alone, but not that lonely anymore.

And this is a quote from Expressions of Healing by Dr Sandra Graves:

Grieving allows us to be human.  To be human is to be aware of your feelings and thoughts and to exercise your freedom to act.  To be human is to breathe, appreciate yourself, make a friend, be connected with life in all its forms, and experience the wonder of your life and living.

There’s more information on Daddy’s Girl’s Guilty as Hell on the Books that Heal page.


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