When your freedom is not flowing . . . karma?

We know from our Yoga, we are here to be free.

We know from our icons of music and song, we are here to be free.

We know from our artists and writers, we are here to be free . . .


But sometimes in our lives, the freedom of our life is just not flowing. And it tends to go in phases. In hindsight you can contemplate and see waves and patterns of life energy. You can see and experience flow and block.

In my meditation training with my Yoga Meditation (raja yoga) teacher, my dear Sam, he told us that the laws of karma are too complex for Westerners to understand. Well, that was 21 years ago . . . and I spent a lot of time understanding Karma – which might have been a lot easier if he hadn’t have been so set in his ways not to teach us, his students?

Here is some wisdom, from my years of understanding, studying and knowledge: healing our Karma:

The term “Karmic Healing” isn’t actually accurate. Karma cannot be healed as such. The healing comes from releasing blocked power, old patterns and allowing soul energy to flow through your purpose in life.

For this healing to happen, you would need to view yourself as an eternal being, with a soul, a divine essence or as central to the existence of the Universe. And maybe this first step, in healing your perspective would be an incredible healing for you and your life?

Anyway, from my perspective of wisdom, lets look at our wounds:

Our Wounds

We have 3 types of wounds, which all of us experience in some degree or other in our lives.

The “wounds” that come from the limits of our parents.

These wounds are healable, as we continually strive to overcome and grow past our parental conditioning. These wounds are healed by growth and maturity. With these wounds we experience our fears and the confines of our human limits.

The “wounds” of our cultural, or society, conditioning.

These wounds teach us to be “The Healer Within” – the emphasis being on “Healer”. We are always healing ourselves of our culture, society, religion and conditioning. With these wounds, we experience rage – often resulting in unexplained accidents, bodily ailments such as debilitating backache or migraines.

The “wounds” of our ancient chaos, our psychic inheritance, our Karma.

These wounds are unhealable. We learn to recognise patterns in our lives, which may be ancient and chaotic – lessons our souls have learned throughout existence. We experience patterns of terror, dread, unexplained loss of mental or emotional energy. We learn to recognise our “debt”, or the act we are here in this life to enact – usually through necessity, often called “fate”. And we learn to do this willingly, and creatively – for it is this that the soul needs in this life. There is often a sacrifice to be made in order to redeem our life.

We also learn, that in healing our lives willingly in this way, we are actually and in essence, willingly being moved onto a path with a divine, higher intention – and here lie our blessings. Once we understand how to work creatively with our soul power, we experience flow, blessings, opportunity – and we learn that to do this, we have to learn detachment: the “healing” is what you HAVE to do, often through necessity brought about by life circumstances . . . we learn to do this through experiencing unexplainable patterns of loss, failures, crises.

. . . you may be encountering blocks; often you experience psychic weakness – this comes from ancient chaos; it can be experienced as extreme panic or terror in some life situations – a dread coming on suddenly: this usually indicates a pattern of loss of power which did not arise in this lifetime, resulting in paranoia at times in the here and now.

What I have been seeing is that creative people are affected. We need creative flow right now in our evolution very, very badly: we cannot afford for our artists, musicians and poets to be blocked by the past. Our creative people are our future, and they need nurturing.

You can see the way I am working now with individuals in this work, here

If it helps you at all, I’m offering now individual meditation sessions and also Meditation training for Yoga Teachers

I’m feeling the urgency to reach out and guide, but this is the best I can do right now whilst I finish writing my book on Spirit of Zen, which also contains my teaching.




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