Maybe, just maybe, we can discover fire again . . .

I very rarely post quotes, this is one of those rare occasions:

“Some day after we have mastered the winds,

the waves and gravity,

we will harness for God the energies of love;

and then for a second time in the history of the world,

humans will have discovered fire.”

Teillard de Chardin


2 responses to “Maybe, just maybe, we can discover fire again . . .

  1. that’s beauty filled. in my yoga class on friday i became a windmill and harnessed my energy and love…tears began to stream down my face and while it wasn’t fire it was god and the winds and waves all inside of me.

    • Thank you for that . . . that fills me with a deep satisfaction for my work. I checked out your blog and I’m glad I’m still reaching people who I set out to help 20 years ago. The healing of your heart, mindbody and spirit were important to me then and this still is. If you think a free PDF of my book on Catholic Guilt would help you then email me and I’ll send it – it’s not so much the religion at all, more the abuse issues, the damage, stories and connection and the healing that are universal. Take good care, namaste Susan E:

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