The Vision of Your Soul – Vital Life’s Energy Source . . . a checklist

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Imbalance, when we’re out of sync with the vision of the Soul in our life, cuts us off from our vital life-energy source. Dis-harmony, disease and distorted life are what happens . .  so I suppose you’d say there’s chaos in your inner world, no harmony of the inner with the outer world in your life . . . your eyes and the eyes of your soul not perceiving your life as equals?

Our world today, at this point in our human evolution, is complex and it conflicts us with the pressures which cause us stress . . . our individual response to this, to our environment is what causes us dis-harmony and distortion at the level of our body’s cells which we know results in disease . . . or at the most unhappiness and discomfort at the spiritual or psychic level of our beings – imbalance.

This is a checklist to anchor yourself at a level of being in sync with your soul . . . and connected with the vital source of life-energy in your life: to give yourself a few guiding principles to re-balance and re-harmonise regularly.

  1. Understand yourself and your own sensitivities and responses.
  2. Understand your Soul . . . where your energy comes from and what makes you strong and vital.
  3. How is your Soul feeling? Do you practice Chakra meditation often . . . do you check in with your emotions . . . do you take time out to check how your own intelligence is being recognised . . . how do you deal with noise pollution detracting from your need for silence?
  4. Don’t try to understand the world – that’s impossible . . .
  5. Understand the nature of your own Bliss instead . . .
  6. Understand your body’s messages coming from its own innate wisdom – and recreate your wisdom body regularly with Soul energy.
  7. Get to know your Soul and where you are strong and happy.

In contemplation and meditation, we practice so that we develop soul awareness which is how we can open up to our Soul’s Vision for our life . . . practice takes us to the stillpoint within. The stillpoint is what we call the “gap”, when your knowledge is expanding and meeting the unknown (unknown for you) . . . right when this is going to become knowledge for you. It is at this gap that you meet your soul – the transcendent part of you that is bigger than you think you are, which contains your Divinity, and the part of your Self which wants knowledge through your experiences here on your life’s path . . . right at this point is your Soul energy – and here is your vital power, awareness in stillness.

Namaste, Susan

Youtube video is in my Satsangs/Teachings playlist on my channel

Next Month, May 2016, I’ll be taking 1-2-1 individual sessions for Karmic Healing again for 3 months or so during the Summer . . . there may be more to your Soul’s Vision for this life being blocked than is apparent, and it could be Karmic. Information is here


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