Moving with the Universe . . . with Forgiveness

This is the Satsang, teaching, transcript from my weekly  Youtube meditation class, Class 19 on Forgiveness.

Last week in my teaching on Seeking Comfort, I said that the Universe moves on with the continual process of expansion and contraction, and we do to . . . with this Universal process of expansion, contraction, forgiveness. To be in harmony with this process and our life processes, we need forgiveness.

I want to read this to you . . . it’s from an old astrology book on karma, and our blessings, and by way of expanding understanding of my teaching about working with our Divine communication . . .

The world seems to be filled with positive and negative forces expressing themselves as desirable or undesirable circumstances which each person must deal with. (And those of you who are familiar with the Eastern Wisdom paths to Enlightenment will know that the process of life is not about planning, schedules expectations etc but about chance, change and circumstance, which is destiny and karma plays a large part in that.) It is important to realise here that we must all deal with these forces from our true center of being.

Given man’s present state of evolution (or consciousness), this is never the same at any two moments, nor the same for any two people. That is where the work to be done is – on our being.

We must at the same time work on our knowledge.

Thus at the present time, it is for the Divine alone to experience the Balance, the neutrality, of the millions upon millions of apparently opposing forces, both good and bad, or positive and negative, desirable and undesirable.

On our human level we are each a small part of the Divine whole. The center of being of each of us, while seeming to be far removed from that true centre of universal being which only God himself is able to view, is nevertheless able to experience the Divine joy in a very unique way.”

So, in the practice of Yoga Meditation, we start with the hardest thing . . . which is accepting ourselves, accepting your own self, accepting your own good . . and that we are part of the co-creation process with the universe, joined with our source . . . accepting the I AM.

And this process starts with forgiveness . . . we need to forgive ourselves and other people . . . resentment and bitterness clogs up our connections with our higher vibrations . . . our subtle bodies . . . and keeps us in the mundane mind and the pain body. With forgiveness, then you can recognise your own power in your Soul’s journey to your potential . . to your potential divinity: accepting your power in the process of bringing heaven down to earth . . . to let go, and move on we forgive.

We’re accepting and affirming to ourselves the universal process of moving on: expansion . . . contraction . . . forgiveness . . . regrouping . . . and the cycle goes round again in an infinite continuum.

To do this, as part of our ritual of practice, and to live life like this gives us an alternative from being stuck in or tapping into our primal fears . . . isolation, the unknown, death . . .

And the alternative is consciously living with a reponse to our world and relationship to our environment, of trust and hope . . .  helping us to adjust, to what’s going on – even if we’re feeling off balance: adjusting to the nature of change and movement. Our practice, our belief giving us safety and protection . . . with expansion of our knowledge helping us to understand the language of the Universe, the language the Divine uses to communicate our evolution to us . . . and being at one with this.

Namaste, Susan

[Quotation from Karmic Astrology III Joy and the Part of Fortune: the Point of Harmony]]

Susan’s weekly meditation class in the yogic tradition is on her Youtube Channel


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