Freedom through Forgiveness

Forgiving . . . with a regular practice we learn to get raw, deep and into the messy parts of life to set aside emotions at a surface level which form our biases – and dive into the darkness that we all experience. We do it for our soul vitality and health . . . for the continued growth of our spiritual life and the vibrancy of our energy. It takes time and dedication, practice and ritual . . . gaining inner freedom through the practice of self-forgiveness.

And, as we know, this is a healing practice because healing is not only about forgiving someone else, it’s about forgiving yourself . . . you become the self-healer who keeps on doing this again and again and again. So deepening your relationship with yourself, gaining in inner stability . . . showing your heart you are loyal and it can trust you deep, deep down.

A few weeks ago,  in my Youtube class Class 19 we practised forgiveness to move on with the Universe . . . in this class we’re practising to change our inner frame of reference so that we CAN forgive and heal. Remember Yoga gives us our attitude to life and our relationship with our environment and the world.

And our path of Yoga is one of the ancient eastern wisdom paths to inner freedom . . . so that we CAN communicate with the Divine . . . and so we can silence and still down our inner energies so we can listen. I’ve used the word “can” repeatedly, to get across the message of skill and power . . . personal skill, inner power.

One of the main reasons for listening to Divine communication is because our world, our supposed civilisation is in a mess.

We’re at the point in our human evolution where typically we will collapse as civilisation, having destroyed what we set out to build.  In the words of one of the great Indian sages we will do this through “lack of virtue . . . “:

” . . . One day, at sunrise, after his morning ablutions in the waters of the Sarasvati, Srila Vyasadeva sat down to meditate. The great sage saw certain anomalies in the fibre of the millenium . . . He foresaw that the life of everything material would be cut short for the lack of virtue . . . ”   Srimad-Bhagavatam  1.4.15-18

I see and hear people asking the wrong things of their yoga practice, asking the wrong questions . . . to truly move on with inner freedom we need to start forgiving ourselves . . . and then ask the right questions . . . then listen . . .

SO . . . this week I’m teaching specifically with a theme of Universal Acceptance . . . and none of us is truly free unless we can accept ourselves and each other: gaining inner freedom through forgiveness.

I do hope that our practice and my teaching can activate and accelerate our spiritual vision to live with divinity in our lives . . . and as we move away from Kali Yuga and into a lighter age, it really is essential (especially as teachers) to give people hope.

And I need to tell you that, on our journey together through spirituality, we can go to dark and messy places . . . and so we need to keep touching base with the boisterous and energetically enigmatic parts of our spirit . . . and this keeps us connected and bonded . . . because much of the dark messy stuff is below the surface of our reality, needing expression . . .



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