Crown Chakra Point of Peace

This is taken from the Satsang teaching in my weekly meditation class in the yogic tradition on my Youtube Channel: Class 30 on Crown Chakra practices:


A short Satsang today for this class, Class 30 the final class in this series of practices in my Further Than Yoga teachings. I want to give you time in contemplation today . . . these are big concepts and infinite energy which we are attempting to contain and understand within a human mindbody.

Over the weeks, I’ve been teaching you to expand your Spiritual Vision so that you can walk the Divine Path and live with Simplicity of Divinity in your life.

With practice in Crown Chakra meditation we realise this vision . . .being at one at the point where consciousness fuses with our human matter and energy . . . seeing life, our world, our universe with spiritual eyes and understanding the need for our practice.

Crown Chakra as such is not a chakra as it is not an energy centre within our human mindbody system . . . rather as we know it is a point of fusion physically described as situated slightly above our crown. So it is a point in our spiritual body of what we call in yoga “the abode of highest consciousness” where fusion happens . . . when we are open to that and have evolved our consciousness through our meditation practice.

And in our meditation practice, having undergone the initiation into our practices with the teacher or master, we’ve been opening and awakening . . .

. . . especially in the process of opening the heart centre, for it is impossible to open to the fusion of divine and human, matter and energy if the heart centre is not open to love and devotion.

We’ve then been through the process of opening Guru chakra and Bindu chakra . . . the development of your consciousness has progressed, like the seeds of a lotus we say.

For this is the symbol of the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, the thousand petaled lotus flower radiating light the symbol of Divine Consciousness and the Supreme Self. Sahasrara in Sanskrit means thousand or infinite. And in our yogic meditation, the steps I have been teaching you, also known as Raja Yoga, these 2 are one force which does exist within our individual soul but of which we are not usually conscious.

For this consiousness to develop and evolve, we follow our steps of practice until we get to the stage of Dhyana, or the Dhyan meditation which you have practised today . . . absorption in deep meditation. The Dhyan meditation predates the Buddha . . . our practises being documented 4,000 – 5,000 years ago . . . and Dhyan travelled eastwards from India after the Buddha’s time becoming Zen.

So the Divine Consciousness and the Supreme Self are 2 primal principals which we realise are one when we become “one with self” or when we evolve our consciousness to “oneness with consciousness”.

And I’ll leave you with this quote from Swami Maheshwarananda for your contemplation:

“When we are unable to see or experience anything in meditation, it is because our vision is obstructed by the barrier of the limited “I”. Though our Soul (known as the Atma) is directly connected to God, and is, in fact, God, we are not yet conscious of this.”

I would encourage you in spending time  in your own contemplation of these teachings and concepts . . .




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