About Further than Yoga

Namaste and welcome


Further than Yoga is Susan Ni Rahilly’s Blog on walking the Divine path in our lives, through accelerating our spiritual vision.  We do this with dedication to our Yoga practice.

Further than Yoga is the acceleration of our Spiritual Vision through dedicated yoga practice, and it’s for those of us who want to live with Divine Communication in our lives as we walk the Divine path. My teaching is the Essence of Yoga Meditation – as Bhagavad Gita says “ . . . absorption in deep meditation, this is the essence of yoga . . . ” and through practice with devotion, we learn to open, activate, nourish and accelerate our Spiritual Vision . . . taking it “further than yoga . . .” : of course, referring to the way Yoga has been diluted in the West and demoted to a “tool” for accomplishment and achievement within a culture which doesn’t work for everyone or for the greater good.

And of course our practice in Yoga is so much more than practising Asanas, the physical postures, with a bit of breathing practice . . . maybe at a weekly class. Yoga is meant to be the way that weaves its energy and revelations through our daily lives, waking and sleeping . . . it is the path which takes us to our Divine communication, to being able to open up to our signs, symbols, messages and the unseen language of the Universe which speaks to us of our Soul’s purpose on the journey of life.

I have a free weekly meditation class on Youtube, which is streamed live then available on demand on my channel.

Through Yoga Meditation practices and following the 8 steps on Patanjali’s path to self-realisation (or Raja Yoga), I teach opening, activating and accelerating our spiritual vision. We need this urgently at this point in our human history . . . if you have been drawn to Yoga, your consciousness is probably ready to awaken from your memory, because those of us who are Yoga Souls are incarnated now in the West because we are needed. And that need, I truly believe, is to bring Balance.

Welcome to this form of practice, which is “further than yoga” . . .


The beautiful and powerful images for the header in the Blog are mostly by Elena Ray, except where I’ve used ancient images of the sacred feminine.




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