3 Ways to Heal Guilt with Yoga

A religion, a belief system or a way of life will not necessarily suit all those born into it.

For some it will work.  For others it will be damaging. And you’ll feel worse than a “fish out of water” – you’ll feel, or be made to feel, guilty about it.  From personal experience I can only write about my own past and the healing I was able to do with the help of the whole of Yoga.

The lonely legacy of Catholic guilt  is what I call the left-over loneliness that comes from low self-esteem, the pain and hurt from the damage of the catholic way (that’s the family way, schooling community etc) and also the confusion and conflict from the twistings in the teaching – especially about our origins as humans.  It leaves you lost as to how the world works – and to how people really behave and why.

But nothing stays the same forever, and everything is constantly changing. There’s compensation in everything.  In every ‘wrong’ there is the potential for ‘right’, if you look for it.  And Yoga gave me the way to find the ‘right’ in my life when I was healing from Catholic guilt.  Many people have shared with me that my writing of the experience of guilt and the healing from it has helped enormously:  Asian women and men also associate with the family and community stuff, along with Presbyterians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. The need for healing seems to be Universal.

Healing with Yoga is profound, deep and lasting.  It helps, in my experience, with a new stronger outlook, with your identity, values and lifestyle changes. Here are 3 ways I found to heal guilt with Yoga:

Letting Go
Awareness and acceptance of what has happened is the first step. For that you usually need quiet downtime. Releasing the past and letting go takes time and it also takes a certain state of mind . Relaxation in Yoga is one of the most profound ways of reaching a state of deep contemplation for the letting go to happen.

Try this for free:  Relaxing from  Seeds of Yoga Meditation Part 2 [ free downloads audio guided meditations link below].

Flushing Out The Sadness
Letting the feelings of sadness or loneliness come up, the emotions to surface and flow and allowing them to wash through are all deeply therapeutic techniques of Yoga. Stillness and breath flow really help.   Simply learning to slow down enough to be still and silent is a powerful thing to give yourself.  Allowing your emotions to do the work for you, allowing the breath to breathe you is an amazing gift to yourself and it’s a gift that you control.

Try this for free:  Breathing from Seeds of Yoga Meditation Part 1  [free downloads audio guided meditations link below].

Wipe The Slate Clean
Contemplation is one of the steps on the path to meditation – it allows the mind to settle down into the state of silence necessary for meditation – it allows your thoughts to come up into awareness for your mind, body and emotional system to heal,  for you to make sense of your experiences and put them into some place on your soul’s path.  Then you can wipe the slate clean and face the future. Contemplation in Yoga is an ancient practice of learning from the teacher’s truths. You may have been told forgiveness is the way to healing?  Well, this is how you start . . .

Try this for free:  Forgiving  from Seeds of Yoga Meditation Part 2  [free downloads audio guided meditations link below].

Remember what I said about origins? Well, growing what I understood about the origins of Yoga, some of the fascinating stories about the Yogis, gave me a  frame in my head to think about how life can be better and vital.  It’s an amazingly powerful legacy – better than guilt any day.



Seeds of Yoga Meditation parts 1 and 2 Free Audio Guided Meditations link is here.

Note: And if you do have healing to do with guilt and Catholic guilt you can read more about Susan’s healing approach here and/or listen to video podcasts here.


Living Simply, Yoga and Balancing Your life . . .

I posted a former blog, Balancing Your Life by Living Simply with Yoga on my Speaking Tree India blog and had the most amazing responses asking for greater clarification of some of the steps to living simply (and to date the blog itself has had over 5900 views and 230-some responses): so the message was clear : simplify the teaching and elaborate on the writing. And I hope this is helpful.

Simple Living is about living consciously and in the moment. Consciousness is about awareness and this “Simple Living” process helps you to raise your awareness of how you’re living your life – and teaches you to live in the magic of life unfolding. An awakening to what is real in life.

As a teacher, I think I have only 3 things to teach: meditate, exercise the body-mind, live simply and with these 3 our health will go a long way.

And here are some of the steps:

Step One:

Meditate. Give yourself time for deep inner nurturing and nourishing.

Making time for our spiritual care is as, if not more, important as making time to eat, sleep, work, socialise. This can begin with 10 minutes a day.

It is the act of creating a “space” in time which is only for the spirit which begins to build an inner structure deep within the bodymind . . . and then this is the basis of our deep nourishing of the self with meditation.

So the simple steps here are: make time, make space. Focus on posture, breathing and silence. Practice regularly.

There are a couple of free downloads I offer, Seeds of Yoga Meditation Parts One and Two, and I would recommend downloading Part One and practising “Sit” and “Breath” to begin: you can download and save to your desktop for regular practice, here.

Step Two:

Go to the “sweetspot” regularly! Listen to meditative music. The Ancient Yogis believed we have a little sac of “Amber Nectar” (the nectar of the Gods) deep within our brains, at the pineal gland. The way to connect with our “sweetspot” is through relaxation and music, raising our vibrations.

There have been many pointers to us from the Ancients in many civilisations that the pineal gland is the point of access for us to our souls and the flow of Consciousness.

In Yoga we understand this as Bindhu Chakra (back of the head, midpoint of the brain). Where we are always receiving the flow of Consciousness . . .  we are in communication with the Divine through our Soul’s connection.

The Ancient Yogis had the beautiful concept of a sac of Amber Nectar here – our own individual nectar of the Gods.

In our Yogasana practice this is why we practice inverted postures, to replenish our Amber Nectar and to reverse the process of our precious “nectar” being burned out by the anger of the solar plexus.

The Ancients believed that, to open ourselves to this sweet nectar of the Gods, we listen to beautiful music and poetry, appreciate beauty in both art and poetry . . . anything that brings us the vibration of the Universe through our senses at a higher level.

One Meditation for this is “No-Mind” meditation through the Chakras, with Unmani Mudra which is the attitude of mindlessness: meaning the state beyond thought, no mind, meditation . . . a simple technique that brings us to a meditative state . . .

Step Three:

Practice Right Diet: Dietary control is very important in living your life with simplicity. We eat those foods which contain the most life force energy and which feed our bodymind emotions and spirits. Traditionally Vegetarianism suits the bodymind of a meditation and Yoga practitioner – but books such as “Eat Right 4 Your Typehave taught us that not everyone can be Vegetarian, Vegan or eat raw food diets. Understanding a little about the Ayurvedic Doshas can also be very illuminating!

Learn what you can about your body and what foods are going to bring you optimum health. Eating little and often suits the body when we are attempting to bring Balance and allow Consciousness to flow.

In the Yoga Diet we try to be aware of the Gunas, and incorporating knowledge of the gunas in our diet for our practice: a Vegetarian (or Vegan) diet is best for practitioners because we try to eat foods which incorporate the most life-force energy and which take the least amount of energy to digest. These are the Sattvic foods which are purest, and promote peace and calm in the bodymind. As the Gunas are qualities of the Universe, these foods are also putting us into harmony and balance.

And now some feedback from the original article: This was one of the comments on the Speaking Tree blog from Sudheindra:

“Being simple has become complex in a mind driven existence which makes every action and thought behind the action complicated. Living has become a chess game for most of us. Calculating every move, excessive caution in every step, a sense of insecurity, fear in relationships have all robbed life of all simplicity which it actually is. Complexity introduces stress & strain and takes away built-in resilience of any system.”

And now, for the heartwarming that this might bring to you, one of the Seekers in India asked:

At some point or other, when a seeker has progressed in practice it is natural for the seeker to ask ” . . . has it happened? What is the sure way to know?”

I replied: . . . the seeker knows because when you wake up in the middle of the night you can feel a calm silence in your heart and when you wake in the morning for the new day, there is a steady happiness present … I sincerely hope you find this.

Sudheindra later posted a PS to his comment, when prompted:

“I wish we can bring back simplicity to life at a collective level to resolve all our problems and conflicts and this can happen only when we make mind an instrument that it is and live from heart. The steps suggested here in this article are the steps to achieve this.”

My Namaskar to you all, and I hope this simplicity will bring you a way to live from the heart.

Namaste, Susan

Change thro Chaos . . . or: How I am bringing about change as a Teacher and Writer in times of greatly needed change.


This is taken from my Satsang (teaching) in yesterday’s Youtube meditation class – my free class goes out weekly on my Youtube Channel.

For those of you who don’t known the tradition in teaching and taking yogic meditation, we have a structure to our classes and this involves taking teaching from the teacher or master. Satsang has a couple of meanings (as most Sanskrit words do): we come together as a group or workshop, in the spirit of truth, or being together in truth with the Guru, master or teacher in the group. Also it can mean our coming together to bring us closer to the truth and what happens is the bonding of the group of like-minded spirits.

The Guru, master or teacher is the energy center of the place or gathering and also the nerve center of the group . . . and I’ll ask you to hold that thought . . .

I’m going to encourage you to expand your knowledge . . . firstly if you haven’t already, acquaint yourself with Bruce Lipton’s work in the Biology of Belief . . . his work has been on Epigenetics, the cell walls and how we respond to our environment: and how important our belief and our happiness is for our health (for example we now know that most Cancer is Epigenetic). Those of us who trained as meditation teachers will remember the Yogic belief in our cells and this level of our inner micro-cosm. Secondly, Astrologer Rick Levine’s analysis of the astrological themes for August 2016 is incredibly helpful and insightful and that’s on his Youtube channel.

So, “How am I bringing about change as a teacher and writer in times of greatly needed change in our world?” . . . this is one way: I took Rick Levine’s advice in my astrology and delayed the streaming of my class on Sunday so I could listen more to others’ feelings and shake up my own schedule . . . as my “happiness lay in the chaos” (Rick’s words). I’m so glad I did, with some fabulous conversations on Saturday . . resulting in my appreciation of people’s inner fears right now, vulnerability and low confidence . . . alienation experiences and inner chaos difficult to deal with never mind heal . . .

I bring about change as a teacher and writer because I have spent over 20 years in building teaching of inner stability and structure within . . . and I communicate with skills which were a gift and which I’ve worked on for over 20 years. Yes, there is chaos without in our world . . . but I and others like me are skilled at showing the way . . . how do we deal? . . . how do we heal?

So, this Satsang I’m teaching for a meditation class on Guru Chakra, which I call “Getting to the silence . . . thro the chaos” . . . because we CAN get to the inner silence we need to experience the wisdom quality of Guru Chakra (ajna Chakra known as the Third Eye) . . and we do that with practice.

My own story of chaos this week, has been with my bank Ulster Bank . . . and banking is one of the structures, corporate institutions, which are crumbling and need to crumble and collapse right now in our story of our human evolution. They weren’t prepared for my explosion and refusal to be treated badly by them anymore. This has been brewing a long time . . . they’re well known for their mainframe computer crash in 2012 affecting 3 countries . . . with knock on effects over the last 4 years. The 4 years since 2012 being the time scale we’ve been going through for unexpected change, at a time when change is happening as we play out revolutionary trends started in the 60’s and 70’s. I know this . . . I know we’re metamorphosing . . . my bank don’t, and their recent actions and restructuring have only served to unnerve and alienate their customer base here in the Republic of Ireland.

So, how am I bringing about change? I am making a few short videos to send to customer relations in my bank to enlighten them . . . in the spirit of engendering change from within. But if my efforts are not well received [and I’m not holding my breath] I’ll share on the media . . . to give confidence to those who don’t know that people like me and you are the iceberg underneath seemingly innocuous tips floating at surface level. And I’ll share on LinkedIn, because Ulster Bank advertise their loans to a potential professional audience – well I’m a professional on a professional network . . . you see where my iceberg is?

But, back to our cellular structure: your teachers and masters know that we are here to keep the Cosmic order – expecially in your system, in your micro-cosm, for harmony with the greater cosmos, the macro-cosm . . . when we hold you in the aura of the Divine, this is what we are doing energetically and spiritually. So we are in fact holding the space, aware of our need for change and metamorphosis . . . the old has to crumble for the new to emerge.

One “new age” person I met recently, I’m guessing in his early 60’s, was kind of bewildered and a bit dejected about our (humanity’s) apparent lack of progress, the craziness and mess of the world seemingly a sign of how ineffective our belief and work of the last 20 years have been: “so what was the new age about?” he asked me. I said that us teachers and practitioners, writers etc, were getting ready . . we’ve been learning and skilling up, strengthening, building . . . building an inner structure, seemingly below the surface. And if someone like me is dealt with on a shallow level of our human biases and reactions, because of being pushed into primal fears – the unknown – I dig in. My seeming explosion at a corporate institution with a structure that needs to crumble is me reaching inside and saying “right that’s enough . . . and now I’m telling you why.”

Actually, all this craziness in the world that’s “out there” is perfect according to Bruce Lipton, because the biological system of humanity needs to do whatever it can to re-organise on a higher level – and we can’t re-organise on a higher level until the older level either falls apart or crumbles, or dissipates, or whatever it needs to do. Essentially this is not a regular time we are living in, from 50 years ago to 20 years hence in the future for us, we are basically going through the pangs of “childbirth” . . . energetically speaking for the “new age” to emerge.

So, I have another 20 years of teaching and communicating ahead of me . . . but I’m in a different place than 20 years ago: my structure is built . . . I’m teaching new ways to deal with all of this social stuff creatively.

My approach then – and how I hope I empower other teachers and communicators – is to teach that we handle chaos without by shaking ourselves up. Dynamic practice works . . . and within our chaos is our happiness: remember the old saying, as above so below, as within so without . . .

Dealing and healing is my teaching: dealing with the explosions of energy which have to happen to shake us out of old worn out structures, revolution as against evolution. Revolution causing chaos to release power which happens in dark, messy ways but which releases tremendous energy and power within us. So we deal with the chaos we experience at our cellular level being brought up within us, and healing that within as the way to deal with what is happening “out there” in the world . . . and each individual healing making a difference, making change.

To get to the inner silence I need for my inner Bhavana (the space in my inner world) – to “Go To Temple”, as we say, where I experience being held in the aura of the Divine, bathed in Essence – I get to the silence within me by dealing with chaos. When 3 of my old mentors left by various methods 2 weeks ago – one passing over, one retiring, one selling house and moving country – I practised my own class on Forgiveness and then danced to Indian Raga music for 20 minutes to get the rigid tension of the energy of sadness and tears flowing, not letting it turn into anger. Chaos flowing . . .

Earlier in this Satsang, I asked you to hold a thought . . . about nerve.

On the day I had to deal with my bank to put my foot down and demand better treatment . . . my astrology told me it was a test of nerve: and she with the strongest nerve would win . . . which I did. Inner strength, character, resolve and “nerve” is what yoga gives us.

But then we can’t expect an old-style institution like a bank which deals in 3 countries, dealing with centuries-old, dark and messy stuff coming up due to Brexit – they’re not part of “us” here in the Republic anymore and Irish/English issues are buried deep in the psyche – I don’t expect them to understand what we get from our yoga practice, our attitude to the world and our response to our environment . . . resolve and nerve . . . stability from within . . . valuing the strength of our inner structure, our inner power, in times of change which [seemingly] comes from without . . .

. . . and I hope I inspire and empower other teachers and writers in the re-birth of our world: make change creatively.

Namaste, this is for our healing


Image: Chosen by Elena Ray (Elena’s Twitter is @OldChineseMan)

Moving with the Universe . . . with Forgiveness

This is the Satsang, teaching, transcript from my weekly  Youtube meditation class, Class 19 on Forgiveness.

Last week in my teaching on Seeking Comfort, I said that the Universe moves on with the continual process of expansion and contraction, and we do to . . . with this Universal process of expansion, contraction, forgiveness. To be in harmony with this process and our life processes, we need forgiveness.

I want to read this to you . . . it’s from an old astrology book on karma, and our blessings, and by way of expanding understanding of my teaching about working with our Divine communication . . .

The world seems to be filled with positive and negative forces expressing themselves as desirable or undesirable circumstances which each person must deal with. (And those of you who are familiar with the Eastern Wisdom paths to Enlightenment will know that the process of life is not about planning, schedules expectations etc but about chance, change and circumstance, which is destiny and karma plays a large part in that.) It is important to realise here that we must all deal with these forces from our true center of being.

Given man’s present state of evolution (or consciousness), this is never the same at any two moments, nor the same for any two people. That is where the work to be done is – on our being.

We must at the same time work on our knowledge.

Thus at the present time, it is for the Divine alone to experience the Balance, the neutrality, of the millions upon millions of apparently opposing forces, both good and bad, or positive and negative, desirable and undesirable.

On our human level we are each a small part of the Divine whole. The center of being of each of us, while seeming to be far removed from that true centre of universal being which only God himself is able to view, is nevertheless able to experience the Divine joy in a very unique way.”

So, in the practice of Yoga Meditation, we start with the hardest thing . . . which is accepting ourselves, accepting your own self, accepting your own good . . and that we are part of the co-creation process with the universe, joined with our source . . . accepting the I AM.

And this process starts with forgiveness . . . we need to forgive ourselves and other people . . . resentment and bitterness clogs up our connections with our higher vibrations . . . our subtle bodies . . . and keeps us in the mundane mind and the pain body. With forgiveness, then you can recognise your own power in your Soul’s journey to your potential . . to your potential divinity: accepting your power in the process of bringing heaven down to earth . . . to let go, and move on we forgive.

We’re accepting and affirming to ourselves the universal process of moving on: expansion . . . contraction . . . forgiveness . . . regrouping . . . and the cycle goes round again in an infinite continuum.

To do this, as part of our ritual of practice, and to live life like this gives us an alternative from being stuck in or tapping into our primal fears . . . isolation, the unknown, death . . .

And the alternative is consciously living with a reponse to our world and relationship to our environment, of trust and hope . . .  helping us to adjust, to what’s going on – even if we’re feeling off balance: adjusting to the nature of change and movement. Our practice, our belief giving us safety and protection . . . with expansion of our knowledge helping us to understand the language of the Universe, the language the Divine uses to communicate our evolution to us . . . and being at one with this.

Namaste, Susan

[Quotation from Karmic Astrology III Joy and the Part of Fortune: the Point of Harmony]]

Susan’s weekly meditation class in the yogic tradition is on her Youtube Channel

The Path of the Heart

This is taken from a Satsang, teaching, in one of my live meditation classes:



heart mixed medium painting with flames blue canvas

sacred energy

the path of the heart


My own personal Yoga practice this Sunday morning was on the Camel Posture – I’m re-working a workshop I used to teach on this posture, when I taught more Hatha Yoga, which is  about power and energy, and creating space for personal inner power. 

You think you’re a mountain, but you’re a sleepy camel.” Osho

I use the Osho quote “You think you’re a mountain . . .”  in the teaching. It makes such a good introduction to practice in Contemplation and self-empowerment.

Especially if you’re emerging from negative emotions like guilt, fear and doubts affecting you and moving into a healing phase in your life . . . moving into the space in the heart . . .

This is my direction at the moment, teaching the sweet, gentle path to healing from guilt-residue and fear-residue and its effects on people’s lives. We’re living in an age of anxiety . . . and collective guilt and fear as we emerge from a dark age . . . seemingly dis-empowered in a crazy world . . .

I’m working at the more Universal experience of guilt and hopefully offering transformation from the awfully lonely legacy that guilt is for a human being using Yoga as the process to open and activate the heart centre, self-love and nurturing which is our divine path . . .

Emerging is the word I use for the step in the healing process just after awakening when you’ve woken up and you see the light.

As Swami Sivananda said: “consciousness is hidden in their memories . . .” he was referring to the Eastern souls waking up to consciousness in the West with yoga . . .and those of us who need the path of yoga are those with Eastern souls who have incarnated in the West and who need to awaken consciousness hidden in our memories . . . and we need our practice to turn our awakenings into enduring behaviour.

So, maybe this is like the light at the end of a tunnel. But you’ve been in darkness – any place in your life that has not been healthy for you because of guilt – and now you emerge into the daylight.  You may be shell-shocked and bruised and now you need a little time to adjust to the change. You need a bit of space to determine your surroundings, this is new open terrain.

It’s natural to be cautious and to take stock when you’ve  been stuck in your life and affected by guilt, whether from trans-generational religous or spiritual tensions, and especially if your wake-up call came after a disaster. But we don’t stay too long in this place as now is the time to keep moving forward along the healing path. Even moving slowly is better than not moving at all . . . and sometimes rest seems like the best idea ever!

Emerging and awakening can take some courage, and support. There is much on offer. There are many good people out there supporting you.


So, here is a practice in Contemplation for this Emerging stage. You can use visualisation or journaling or both.

This is how I teach it:  Sit quietly, paying attention to your breath for a moment or so, bringing yourself to stillness and silence . . . . the place we need to be open up awareness to who we truly are . . . for self-knowledge to open up, often one layer at a time . 

. . . and it does take time . . . so: Centre yourself by breathing from the solar plexus, the centre.

You think you are a Mountain, but you really are a sleepy Camel“.

Visualise this

Where is the Mountain, where is the Camel?  Under the hump, where has the Camel’s body been buried all this time?  As the sleepy Camel wakes up, what does s/he see?  What burdons and baggage have you been carrying in your hump for others – you can start your journaling with this awareness.

Then make lists under these headings:

–  Emotional Wellbeing  –  Physical Wellbeing  –  Mental Wellbeing  –  Sexual Wellbeing  –  Financial Wellbeing  –  Spiritual Wellbeing . . .

. . . and I would also add Collective Wellbeing, the wellbeing of the greater good . . .

In your first effort at Emerging, it’s probably enough just to set the scene as I have described it. Contemplation is effective as a weekly practice so set time aside to continue this on a regular basis.

Next . . .

Your next session could take you deeper into awareness of what has made you feel most dull, bored, unhappy, tired, sick and lacking in energy . . . . separate and apart from the home of your soul, your heart space . . .

. . . Followed by awareness of what gives you most joy, happiness, health, interest, enthusiasm, dynamic vital energy. . . . closer to your divinity . . . the mother of existence flowing through you . . .

As you register your inner emotional state, so you are giving yourself an inner register of  what blocks and what frees you. In Yoga, this is checking into you inner bahava or mood, discovering sukha or your inner contentment.

As soon as you understand this stage of awareness, you’re already onto the healing path . . .

. . . The Path of The Heart – emerging and healing from guilt or any negative emotions in your life.

A final word from the heart of a teacher:

. . . don’t forget to breathe consciously every day, be present maybe by noticing how the sunlight and the dew alter the colours of  nature. Wash up, tidy up, keep a regular routine. Be with good people! And your self-healing effort will turn into enduring behaviour and deep, heart satisfaction on your life path . . . the path of your heart.

Namaste, this is for your healing


The video of this satsang taken from this week’s live streamed meditation class in the yogic tradition is on my Youtube channel.

Reasons to Meditate

Personally, I love what Osho the Zen Master said . . . “Meditation is your medication, once it has worked for you – you throw away the medication, throw away the Meditation and get a new one . . .” and in the tradition of the Zen Masters they never say anything to fullness, but leave much unsaid . . . for US to meditate on!

So, reasons to meditate:

You find your own inner wisdom . . . one of the most powerful reasons to meditate as far as I’m concerned, because this builds so much inner confidence.

So many of our spiritual masters have taught us that everything comes from within. Our natural wisdom is within, the healer is within and the “Guru” is within. All it takes to tap into all of this inner power, is practice regularly in Meditation. We then learn to master ourselves.

This is one of J. Krishnamurti’s sayings on Meditation: “Meditation is freedom, and it is like entering into an unkown world of beauty and quietness; it is a world without image, symbol or word, without waves of memory.”

Meditation transforms . . . meditation was the final journey of the ancient Vedic yogis (founders of Vedanta, belief in Life Freedom) – they mastered and controlled the body with Asanas, the physical postures of Yoga. Then they mastered and controlled the emotions with Pranayama, the breathing practices and techniques. And finally, they mastered and controlled the mind with Meditation . . . but more than that, they spent their time then in Meditation exploring the quality of “man’s” relationship with God or the Divine. And so the legacy was passed down to us, that we are born with the seeds of Divinity within us – or, as my interpretation goes . . . we’re all potential creative geniuses just waiting to be transformed!

Meditation takes you out into vast spaces of light – in other words, it releases you from tight, little small worlds of being. Your spirit might be wild and on an adventure of its own . . . and you will need to control your own little and constricted mundane mind to follow your bliss with your spirit! I love the fact that knowledge of the Chakras (our own psychic gateways to Cosmic energy) is still a living tradition of the Hopi Indians in North America whose tradition of Meditation is as old as that of the South American Indians and the Yogis of India.

The above paragraph is with reverential reference (to vast spaces of light) to the 6th century Sufi poet Rumi – and I feel I should also share the following with you from South American poet Pablo Neruda as I have such affinity with both himself and Rumi: I also use his term “the light of flowers” for the beautiful state of being that follows when our seeds of potential have blossomed as we follow the paths of our hearts and spirits.


I love you between shadow and soul , I love you as the plant that hasn’t bloomed yet, and carries within it, the light of flowers. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where . . . because of you the dense fragrance that rises from the earth, lives within my body, rioting with hunger for the eternity of our victorious kisses.

Namaste, Susan

Susan’s note: Krishnamurti’s quote on Meditation from Page 121 of his notebook written on September 23rd 1961 in Paris.

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Founder of suZenYoga, Susan Ni Rahilly is a published author, Meditation and Hatha Yoga Teacher.  Her teaching typically draws on breathwork in deep Hatha practice, as well as Raja Yoga (the Yoga of Meditation). She lives in West Cork, Ireland where she writes and teaches.